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Fèlix Rossy Quintet

28 July 2019

«Fèlix Rossy Quintet» live in Es Claustre.

With this new quintet, the Barcelonan trumpet player Felix Rossy will offer a concert that is both intimate and full of energy, and that will take the audience to a sound universe full of nuances. Trombonist Tomeu Garcias is the new element from the previous quintet; this makes room for new possibilities and a new repertoire, specifically conceived for this ensemble. They will offer original themes, mythical standards with new arrangements, and will also make time for free improvisation. A magical evening on the magnificent rooftop of Es Claustre

Fèlix Rossy, trompeta; Davis Whitfield piano; Tomeu Garcias, trombó; Ben Tiberio, contrabaix i Andreu Pitarch, bateria.



Es Claustre
28 July 22:00H
8€ - 10€