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La Ludwig Band

27 July 2024

«La Ludwig Band» gràcies per venir

«La Ludwig Band» is a group from Espolla (Alt Empordà), that sounds like pedant folk, shepherd songs, and heptasyllabics that talk about life and stunning rhymes.

In 2021 they released a new album, titled “La mateixa sort” (The Indian Runners 2021), which won the Enderrock Award for Best Album of the Year and consolidated them as one of the most interesting emerging proposals of the time in Catalonia.

Gabriel Bosch, guitarra elèctrica i cors
Quim Carandell, veu i guitarra
Roger Cassola, bateria i cors
Pau Esteve, piano, teclat i cors
Andreu Galofré, baix i cors
Lluc Valverde, clarinet, saxo i cors