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Tarta Relena

21 August 2021

«Tarta Relena»  Fiat Lux

A multidisciplinary and multidimensional show, that goes beyond the concert format, one in which different artistic languages envelop the voices and songs of the first full-length album of one of the most original musical projects of recent years.

We’re talking about the first LP by two artists, Marta Torrella and Helena Ros, who won over the public a couple of years back with the first two albums released to date. Their repertoire is based on the music of oral tradition and songs by singer-songwriters linked in some way to the Mediterranean, the natural home of exceptional voices that are committed to making these melodies their own, without any inhibitions. Their different and wholly personal folk style creates a dialogue between rhythms and electronic music and the voices of the artists that playfully interweave, conversing and exchanging ideas more than they had on Ora pro nobis and Intercede pro nobis, EPs from 2019 and 2020 respectively. Now they are presenting their first full-length album, bringing it to the stage using different artistic languages (drama, lighting design, movement, staging, and costumes) that all interact with each other, accompanying the singing and live music.

Tarta Relena was born as a musical project in 2016. It is the union of the voices and talents of two performers who wanted to explore different vocal styles. They arrange melodies from different Mediterranean countries in the original languages but in their own territory, always striving for maximum expressiveness using as few elements as possible. Ora pro nobis, their 2019 début, won the Enderrock critics’ award for the best folk album and a Calandria music prize from the digital publication Núvol. Intercede pro nobis, which was released in the middle of lockdown, was chosen by Rockdelux magazine as the best Spanish EP of 2020.