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Balkan Paradise Orchestra

03 September 2022

«Balkan Paradise Orchestra» 

Balkan Paradise Orchestra presents BPΩ Tour, their new show. BPΩ is a unique formula, a concert full of magnetism (B), power (P) and resistance (Ω).

This 2022, Balkan Paradise Orchestra’s members would like to share a show defined by their most genuine collective energy. Uniting their music and party traits on stage, they deliver incredible force in constant movement.
The BPΩ Tour formula is the essence of the band. An essence in its purest state based on their magnetism (B), which captivates the audience making it impossible not to dance to their beat; on the power (P) of their choreography and the sound of their instruments; and on their physical resistance (Ω) to give their heart and soul in each and every show with their music.
Full of new singles and many surprises, Balkan Paradise Orchestra presents their most international tour which will take them to the main festivals this 2022 and promises to leave no-one indifferent.