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Esto Sí Se Llama Querer

14 August 2022

«Esto Sí Se Llama Querer» one big collective.

The group that leads the session #11 dEs ClaustreEva Fernández voice and sax, Alfred Artigas on guitarra, Juan Pablo Balcázar al double bass i en Dídac Ruíz on drums.

Esto sí se llama querer is one big collective bolero; a choral album featuring over 60 musicians, including some of the labels closest friends who have come together to celebrate the label’s 8-year history.
Esto sí se llama querer is also a sonic photograph of one of the most vibrant musical scenes in Barcelona. Musicians from different generations and backgrounds have generously come together, like a family, and poured their talent into this project in order to make it a reality.


Every Sunday, from June to September, the terrace of Es Claustre will be filled with the scene of regular musicians from the emblematic jazz venue of Barcelona, creating the cycle Es Claustre 23.

This concert is part of the “Map of Links” with groups, entities, artists or people that Es Claustre has been starting since 2021, with Robadors 23

Maó and the Raval connected by jazz.