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Maria José Llergo

02 August 2019

«Maria José Llergo» present Niña de las Dunas

There are many ways of modernising flamenco music. You can do it through the content… or through the form. María José Llergo is in the second group: she was born in Pozoblanco (Cordoba) but has lived in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Gracia for 24 years; she learnt to sing in the countryside with her granddad Pepe but studied the violin until the age of 18; and like any other girl of her age, she wears a tracksuit, has a septum piercing and gel nails but also a black Manila shawl and the family jewels. Although she has grown up in the 21st century, she sings about  “love, sadness and the lack of understanding” as her ancestors did and with the same core of truth. And like them, and maybe also like some of her generation, she is elusive: with just two or three songs, perhaps a poem or two, published on YouTube, one of which is the magical Niña de las Dunas.

You mustn’t try to catch her. You mustn’t try to understand her. Just listen to her truth.