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28 July 2023

«Rayden» presents his new album La Victoria Imposible

Rayden is one of those artists that you love not only for his art, you also love his human side. He is one of those people who feel as if they are family even if you don’t know them, and it always looks as if you could go to a pub with them and spend the afternoon chatting between friends.

Plus, he’s someone who’s easy to fall in love with. He dazzles you with a few words. Because Rayden is a stage poet. He started out in the world of hip-hop and freestyle rap, but he gradually moved towards a more lyrical and nuanced side over time.

The experienced MC has been strengthening throughout his career the link between the lyric of rap and the rhythms of other genres such as pop, rock or garage, creating a unique, powerful style with an unmatched class, as can be seen in his next  work, Homónimo. New album is La Victoria imposible. To get on Rayden‘s level you not only have to choose the precise words and stitch them carefully to build unique stories, you’ve also got to have a great musical vocation and a deep and strong voice like his.