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Antònia Font

02 September 2023

«Antònia Font» at 15th anniversary of Es Claustre

Joan Miquel Oliver, Pau Debon, Jaume Manresa, Joan Roca and Pere Debon confirm that the revival of Antònia Font is a fact: as of today we know that 2022 will also be the year that will bring us a new album by the band. This new album will be the first since the group announced its separation eight years ago, and it validates the defense that the Majorcan group has always made of renewing its repertoire and offering, at each new stage, new and different material. A return of Antònia Font without a new album would not have been consistent with the band’s trajectory.

The 15 year Festival is organized by Es Claustre, with the essential sponsorship of Fundació Foment del Turisme de Menorca; with the collaboration ofDepartament de Cultura del Consell Insular de Menorca and the Ajuntament de Maó; and with the sponsorship of Gin Xoriguer and Estrella Damm.