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Antònia Font

30 August 2024

«Antònia Font» in concert at at Es Claustre

The Mallorcans will perform at the first edition of this new Cruïlla concerts cycle during their theaters tour to present ‘Un minut estraboscòpica’!

After releasing their most experimental album in 2012, ‘Vostè és aquí’, Antònia Font split up indefinitely. Ten years later, the band returned with a new album that led them to perform on large stages of the Catalan-speaking territory, being the Festival Cruïlla 2023 one of them.

By popular demand and by the own motivation of its members, the authors of hymns like Alegria, Wa Yeah! or Calgary 88 will continue touring in 2024, passing through one of the most emblematic auditoriums of Barcelona next February. Me falten paraules per explicar / I lack words to explain how unforgettable it will be!