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Philip Sherburne

01 October 2021

«Philip Sherburne» convidat de luxe a l’ Arts al Nord’21

American Philip Sherburne is an institution within music journalism. He has been writing about electronic and experimental music since 1998, and has worked for publications such as The New York Times, The Wire, SPIN, Resident Advisor and Pitchfork, for whom he currently works as Contributing Editor. But Mr Sherburne is also an excellent producer and DJ who has performed in some of the largest DJ booths and festivals around the world, even becoming one of the established names at the Unsound Festival in Krakow, where he performs year after year. It will be a real treat to enjoy one of his eclectic sets full of new music that will still take some months to be officially released.

Convocatòria Residència de Creació Sonora Arts al Nord 2021

Aquesta actuació s’enmarca dins la col·laboració entre Arts al Nord – Far Cultural (Residència d’artistes) i Es Claustre per crear la primera convocatòria de Residència de Creació Sonora Arts al Nord 2021 a Menorca. L’artista seleccionat és Nicolas Melmann, que presentarà el seu treball el divendres dia 1 a les 21.00h. Al llarg de dos dies Laia Mala, Jaume Reus, Cristian Pons, Nicolas Melmann i Philip Sherburne.