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Valeria Castro

15 July 2023

«Valeria Castro» at Es Claustre

The young Canarian singer-songwriter will introduce her first album, ‘Chiquita’. With a unique sensibility and a sweet voice capable of performing the most delicate scales, Valeria Castro will introduce her first album, Chiquita, live at Es Claustre – with six songs full of memory and honesty, accompanied by a personal sound that winks at Canarian folklore.

Castro was born in Las Palmas 22 years ago, and, like many other emerging artists, launched her career on YouTube, where she posted covers from the nineties and 2000s by Pereza (Amelie), Andrés Calamaro (Algo contigo), Vetusta Morla (Copenhague), Los Piratas (El equilibrio es imposible) and Amaral (El universo sobre mí). But her inclination for music goes back a long way. A few days ago, the singer published a photo of when she started playing the piano on her Instagram account. It shows her at the age of seven, in the dining room of her home.

Chiquita has six tracks, preceded by three singles that have captivated the hearts of everyone who has heard them: Guerrera, a song to sisterhood, Ay, amor, a critique of hypocrisy in the face of immigration, and La corriente. With her debut album, she showcases her talent as a compositor and singer.